Does True Love Exist in the TV industry?: Inspiring Love Stories of Hollywood Stars

Marriage, romance, dating, affairs, engagement, all of these have always been a significant part of the TV industry. Taking a look at the personal lives of famous couples still tends to be one of the most attractive things for the public. Why so? Because Hollywood is full of beautiful couples that can make us believe that love is real.

Even while some of them get together and then leave each other at the speed of light, there are ones that have remained together from the day they met. Take a look at the brief histories of celebrity couples and get inspired by their thrilling love stories!

Sean Hannity & Ainsley Earhardt – Together For 2 Years

People gossip about the relationship between Fox News co-workers Sean Hannity and Ainsley Earhardt a lot. They have been dating for several years already, but it’s not so long since their relationship became obvious to the public. Nobody knew anything before Hannity officially split with his wife Jill Rhodes in 2019.

Rhodes and Hannity had been married since 1993. But after years of happy marriage, he preferred to take the on-screen chemistry with Earhardt on a more serious level and got divorced.  As Vanity Fair reports, he had an affair with Earhardt, and their secret relationship started years before the divorce. However, the couple repeatedly denies the rumors.

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